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Tentative Syllabus: The Modern Workplace & You: Preparing for the Future in Today's Corporate (etc)
  1. Introductions
    The Care and Feeding of Ocelots

  2. Personal Safety
    Do's and Don'ts for Kidnapping Victims

  3. Arranging Appropriate Transportation
    Drift Car Racing

  4. Self-Expression And You
    Graffiti Tagging, Marzipan and Macrame

  5. Interoffice Romance
    Using Your Co-Workers' Insecurities and Personal Secrets to Maximize Your Booty Calls

  6. Creative Problem Solving

  7. Civic Obligations and Legal Responsibility
    How Not to Get Arrested

  8. Promoting a Healthy Work Environment
    Recreational Drug Use

  9. Supplementary Income
    Underground Street Fighting

  10. Opportunities in Human Resources
    Blackmail and Gossip

  11. Efficiency Outside the Office Environment
    Stowing Away on Trips

  12. How to Impress Your Boss
    Using Networking to Dispose of Bodies